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A - E
F - J
K - O
P - T
U - Z
A - E
A Ampere or Anode
A.C Alternating current
A/D Analogue to Digital
ABS Absolute
ADC Analogue to Digital Converter
ADSL Asymmetrical Digital Subscribe
Amp Ampere
ANSI American National Standards In
ASCII American Standard Code for Inf
AV Audio Visual
AWG American Wire Gauge
BNC Bayonet Neill-Concelman (co-ax
C Capacitor, cathode, centigrade
CAT Category
CCTV Closed Circuit Television
CD Compact Disk
CLK Clock signal
CMOS Complementary metal oxide semi
col column
CPU Central processor unit
D Diode
D.C. Direct current
D/A Digital to analogue
dB Decibel
DC Direct current
DES Data Encryption Standard
DMM Digital Multimeter
DPST Double pole, single throw
DVM Digital Volt Meter
E Emitter of Transistor
e.m.f. Electromagnetic Field
EAROM Electrically Alterable Read On
EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programm
EMI Electro Magnetic Interference
EPROM Erasable Programmable Read Onl
EROM Erasable Read Only Memory
F - J
F Farad, Fahrenheit or force
ƒ Frequency
f.r. Frequency response or range
FTP File Transfer Protocol/Foil (s
G Giga (10g)
g Grid, gravitational constant,
G Gram
GHz Giga Hertz
H Henry
h.f. High frequency
HEX Hexagonal
Hg Mercury
hr Hour
HTML Hyper Text Mark-up Language
Hz Hertz (cycles per second)
I Current
IC Integrated circuit
I/O Input / Output
I/P Input
IEEE The Institute of Electrical &
IIL Integrated injection logic
in Inch (unit of Length )
in wg Inches Water Gauge
IP Ingress Protection ( IEC stand
IR Infra-Red
ISO International Standardisation
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Gro
K - O
k Kilo (103) or cathode
K Kilo, in computing terms (= 21
kg Kilo-Gram
kV Kilo-Voltage
kv/mm Kilo Volts per Millimetre (Die
L Inductance or Lumens
L Inductance or Lumens
LAN Local Area Network
lb Pound (weight unit)
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LED Light emitting diode
LOG Logarithmic
M Mega (106)
m metre/meter
M Mega
mA Milli-Amp
mAh Milli Ampere Hour
Mbits/sec Megabits per second (million b
mH Micro Henries
mH/m Micro Henries per metre
MHz Mega-Hertz
ml Milli-Litre
mm Milli-Meter
MOS Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MPEG Moving Pictures Expert Group
mV milli-Volt
mW milli-Watt
n Nano (10-9)
N Newton
n/c Not Connected; Normally Closed
n/o Normally Open
neg. negative (-)
NICAM Near Instantaneously Companded
ns Nano Second
ns/m Nano Second Per Meter
o/c Open channel; open circuit
o/p Output
OFC Oxygen Free Copper
op-amp Operational Amplifier
oz Ounce
P - T
p Pico (10-12)
PAL Phase Alternating Line
PCB Printed circuit board
pcs Pieces
pF Pico Farad
pH Potential of Hydrogen
pos. positive (+)
Q Quality factor; efficiency of
R Resistance
R.F. Radio frequency
R.M.S. Root Mean Square
R/W Read/write
RAM Random access memory
RCA The Radio Corporation of Ameri
RF Radio Frequency
RFI Radio Frequency Interference
RG Radio Grade (cable)
ROM Read only memory
RX Receiver
s Second (unit of Time)
S.W.R. Standing Wave Ratio
SPDT Single pole, double throw
SPST Single pole, single throw
T Tesla
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/
TR Transformer
TTL Transistor Transistor Logic
TX Transmitter
U - Z
U.H.F. Ultra High Frequency (300MHz-3
USB Universal Serial Bus
UTP Unscreened Twisted Pair cable
UV Ultra Violet
V Voltage
VA Volt-amps
V.H.F. Very High Frequency (30-300MHz
VHS Video Home System
W Watts
WAN Wide Area Network
Wb Weber
WG Wire Gauge
Z Impedance
ZD Zener Diode
Useful Formula
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RoHS Compliant
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